Courage Igene

Courage Igene is a passionate author who wants to tell stories and through those stories teach and inspire people to become their best selves.Author Courage Igene

After a long day’s work leading his community, Courage Igene once again returns home and puts his nose against the grindstone just to add a few more words to his next book. Letter after letter, sentence after sentence, an author’s work is never done, even when they reach the end of a page. He knows that truth all too well. By the light of his lamp, Courage Igene fuels the fire of his passion, to help people. Through his words and his lessons, he reaches out a hand to those who need it. Through his books he leaves knowledge and wisdom on a path for those who seek it.

Growing up in Nigeria in the western part of Africa, Courage Igene has faced many challenges to get to where he is and it’s through these experiences that he’s able to speak and write with such passion. It’s there that gave him his passion for reading too. Finding salvation from the scorching sun under a cool shade, Courage only had a thick book of crisp pages in front of him. Through his readings he learned about himself and gained a new perspective of the world. That the sun that breaths heat and could melt a person to their bones is yet still a mechanism under the kingdom of God. One that may bring pain and hardships, but it also brings light. He was always reading and writing from stories told by his family to members of his church. Now he tells them to others so that the circle may begin anew.

Founder of All Nations Church, Courage Igene has his studies of the knowledge of God and scriptures to enrich his books. For academics he attended the School of Discipleship at the Redeemed Christian Church of God along with the Morris Cerullo School of Ministry. As of now he has written four books:Courage Igene BooksCourage Igene Books

The books are only vehicles. For the real gem of each new page turned is one step closer to an epiphany, much like that he had as a small boy, that is the truth that Author Courage Igene wants to share. To spark a curiosity in a person, a fire of wonder about the world, about the person they are and who they want to be. The kind of spark that never goes out. So, word after word, the wordsmith writes, under the glow of lamp light to the dawn of day, Courage Igene isn’t done yet.